Вид деятельности Short term/ workcamp

НазваниеВид деятельности Short term/ workcamp
Дата публикации21.05.2013
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С - До 22/07/12 - 08/08/12

Вид деятельности - Short_term/ workcamp

Деятельность - Festival

Язык проекта English / French

Возраст от... до... 18 - 30

Всего волонтеров 13

Свободные места 6М - 7Ж

Примечания: Festival of music: for enthousiastic and motivated volunteers ! No volunteer under 18 will be accepted ! 50 Ђ additionnal fees

Дополнительные сборы: 50.00 EUR

Every year, the Crest Jazz Vocal Festival is the strong moment of the summer period. The material organization of this huge manifestation needs a lot of time and a lot of people available. For more than 10 years, motivated volunteers helped in its organization. http://www.mairie-crest.fr andhttp://perso.wanadoo.fr/crest.jazz.vocal/ and http://www.vallee-drome.com/perso/ot-crest/


Guided by volunteers of the association organizing the Festival, you will participate in the stages and platforms installation, in the support of the Festival promotion (posters; distribution of leaflets in the area), in the cleaning after each performance (scene, outside space, toilets…). You will have to participate into the waste management by using the recycling bin (glass/paper/...etc) You may also be asked to prepare the rooms for the artists and participate to some after scenes. NB: some tasks are repetitive but essential; organizers of the festival rely on your motivation to help them before, during, but also after the festival; hours of the work will be very VARIABLE according to the needs; little time for leisure or for the group life. The volunteers should be dynamic, enthusiastic and of course, found of music! IMPORTANT: to be able to make your "concert pass", please bring an ID picture.

условия проживания и питание

In a sport hall (gymnasium). Kitchen, showers and WC in a building few meters away from the gymnasium. Jeunesse et Reconstruction provides you with small mattresses but DO NOT FORGET BED SHEETS AND SLEEPONG BAG. We can not take care of you if you arrive before the starting date of the camp. Accommodation is possible, at your own expenses (please, check availability before coming) : -in Crest: “Le Square” hotel, 04 75 40 65 75 ; “Les Moulins”hotel, 04 75 76 74 11 ; “Les Clorinthes”camping, 04 75 25 05 28 . www.lesclorinthes.com. / -In Valence (at 30km far from Crest): hotel of Lyon, 04 75 41 44 66 ; camping of “l’Eperviиre” and lodging in dormitories, 04 75 42 32 00 .

место расположения

Located in the Drфme valley, in the south of the regional park of the Vercors, the small town of Crest has 8000 inhabitants. It is a town which owns an inheritance of quality, dominated by its medieval tower (52m height). Very busy in summer period, the town offers many sport and cultural activities as. Towns nearby: Montйlimar (40km) or Valence (30km). Possible free time activities (to be decided with the camp leader and local partners) -some visits will be organized by the association. Visit of the Towe; visit of the towns of Valence, or Die (old town and cooperative cellar); night markets; free concerts within the jazz festival; swimming pool; http://www.drometourisme.comhttp://www.vallee-drome.com http://www.crest-tourisme.com/http://www.tourisme.fr/office-de-tourisme/crest.htmpartenaire

особые требования

1) No transport will be organized at the end of the camp. To be organized with the camp leader during your stay. 2) No vehicle (car, minibus) will be provided to the volunteers. 3) In any case, bring your INSURANCE CERTIFICATE. 4) Don’t forget to bring a sleeping bag, warm clothes (sweaters and rain coat in case), a swimming suit. For male volunteers : in France, swimming pants are FORBIDDEN in swimming pools. Please bring a “normal” swimwear. 5) For work: bring worn-out and protective clothes and strong shoes. Sandals/ flip flaps and open shoes forbidden during work ! 6) Your games, songbooks, cassettes, musical instruments and recipes, will be also welcome! To make exchanges and meetings easier, please also bring photos of your home, some postcards, small gifts. 7) Information for transportation on www.voyages-sncf.com


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Примечания: The workcamp is an „Access 4 All“ project and is open for people with any kind of handicap!
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