Master of Evil (Russland) & Winterblade (U. S. A.)

НазваниеMaster of Evil (Russland) & Winterblade (U. S. A.)
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Master of Evil (Russland) & Winterblade (U.S.A.)

Northern Avengers

Ashes of war on the snow trails,

Blood of eagle banners,

Dawns drunk with her.

Sorcerer's voice in the wreath of snakes,

Lightning zigzags in tribute to the chain of deaths.

Volh’s roar in the night,

Thunder forges swords by divination,

The face is the beginning of revenge,

The son is turned around by the cross of storms,

The son of blood of wolf’s eyes,

His hour had come.

By the banner of the North call the fierce race,

Take the storm’s black sword in your hand of war,

Hawk sees the victims,

The wolf jumps,

Meet with him sunrise,

With steel’s growl.

The Black and Red march is the song of bygone days,

As the battle wizard sows the death moan,

The gravity of gray paws to the icy ground,

Werewolf’s enemy,

Do you hear the pale fear.
The call of the White race,

A loud roar,

The call of gray gods,

Of the crosses’ flame,

Traces of the ashes of their struggle in the twilight,

Their dawns drunk with gaze of eagle,

Where the forest's fire makes the race's enemy pale,

Drawn blood sign,

And darkness rages.

^ White World
From the North’s Glory singing storms

Burst into the depths of savage graveyards,

In racial chaos,

White and proud,

Come and tear off the scab of black blood.
In puddles of the dust of ideologies

Asian nations,

The monkey’s flesh

Of blacks, semites,

With tormenting stink

In the veins rot the elements of the flaws.
Where our shout of victory resounded,

In fear a jew is running - a bolshevik,

Away, the commissioners,

You will never return,

Aryan fire in the pure blood swelled.
Pus of communism,

Of rootless religions

Rallied the hordes;

The space of Oskopnir

Convenes solid rulers in the battle

To pull the red heart of Fafnir.
Aryan Empires are full of greatness,

Stories of the world,

Arrows of progress,

In the field of the right with vortex of storm

In the battle for the race famous is the white Warrior,

Sweeping brutal mountains,

Brilliantly snows illuminate spears,

Rivers, fields and granite ranges

Sing songs about sacred Europe.

^ By Superman’s Step

Walking along the trails to the top

Of greatness and glory,

To the divine images,

Mental clarity, as a torch,

Lights with a solemn victory.

Defying meanness,

Trample shit in the eyes

Of savage rabble with boots,

He who is acquainted with height,

Would sit in the gods as a Superman.
Destroying black stones with The Hammer,

Which are pulled down into the swamps and puddles,

The soul will open the gates into the castle,

Into the halls of heaven,

Where women and men

Are full of valor, without fear of hearts

Before the bottoms, wormy deformity,

Gods, superhuman will give a crown,

That will mark only the power of right law.
Drunk with false freedom,

With temporary happiness of vile whims,

Became a cockroach, a meaningless fly,

Will not resist the daring will.
Condemning all the average,

Severe battle under the clouds
Not the last which awaits the warrior,
Will cut of the fates of the heartless with blades.

Washing the swords of power with blood,

He rises higher and higher,

Knowledge, the strength will meet him with that passion,

Which slept in a long twilight niche.

Bastards’ death forged by hammer,

The growl of thunder frightens the sheep,

In clouds of retribution of the dreadful Raven

Lightning of steel draws their end.

Wotan With Us
Amid the fog of the world He soars as an arrow,

Swift-footed horse’s gray rider,

At the gates Valgrind Master of the names

Overshadows with a spear the daughters of the battle.
Gladsheim’s Lord,

Allfather of the Worlds,

Hanged man’s Prince

And runner from peace,

Hlidskjalf dethrones the misery of the worthy -

Of Ygg’s chosen,

Of the fierce warriors.
Daring by perfidy,

Burning by perseverance,

The snake protects His Runes,

Carved in the stones,

On the roads of the forests and on the waves of the seas

The eyelids of the throne of the gods will shine stronger.
The riverbed of battle cannot be calmed,

Praising the ravens,

Drinking honey,

To behold the kingdom of Valhalla, drinking the wine, -

The last stronghold for the Aryan banners.
We kindled the fire of this battle,

It’s time to deprive the nightmare his halo,

The stars of Asgard’s cover shine brighter,

In His helmet glitters the eternal symbol of the Worlds.
Hail, Parent of serene As,

Hail, ruthless Avenger to the victim,

Magic Messenger,

The one-eyed Sage,

That sharpens the edges of the Universe diamond.

^ Bonus:
The Blazing Sword of «Werewolf»
Do you understand,

That’s disaster of your Fatherland,

And winter’s frost likes bloody stories

In the black fire of glory.

Panzers roar in the night,

Aryan blood calls to fight

In the lightning of Death’s Head.

You will see life in the death.

From the ground take your sword,

From the Heroes – thunder’s word,

Rune of victory calls to win,

Your dark angel has no sin.

Fight for freedom, fight for pride,

Werewolf howls, sheep cry

In the flame of burning hopes,

In the ice of gravestone’s notes.

When you’ll understand,

That you must fight for Fatherland,

You’ll not have another choice…

Hate and War, right thunder’s voice.

Heil Wotan !


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