Part I. Accidence the noun

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Exercise 11. Translate into English.

1. Он решил сходить к Туркиным. (Чехов) 2. Мой муж ревнив, это Отелло. (Чехов) 3. И мать и дочь приняли приглашение. 4. Подождите немножко, отец сейчас придет. 5. Мы сегодня пойдем в театр. Идет «Дядя Ваня». 6. Вы —Коля, тот самый Коля, неуклюжий, застенчивый... Коля? (Куприн)

Exercise 12. Insert articles where necessary. (Articles with geographical names.)

1. After __ tour in __ Austrian Alps they had gone to __ Hotel Splendide at __ Montreux, in order to enjoy for __ day or two __ charms of __ Lake of __ Geneva. (Bennett) 2. Dusk was already falling on __ noble curve of __ Thames. (Bennett) 3. I hear he's off to __ Central Africa. (Bennett) A. In Ivanhoe Walter Scott describes __ England of __ Middle Ages. 5. __ Capetown is in __ South Africa. 6. In __ heart of __ Central Asia lies __ Khoresm, __ small fertile area in __ sea of __ sand. 7. __ prospect ends... in little hills that come nearly to __ sea; rudiments, these, of __ Atlas Mountains. (Shaw) 8. "We've been touring __ world... We tried __ South America...We lasted three days in __ Australia..." "Have you ever been to. __ States?" (Amis) 9. Michael looked quizzically at his parent. Did he quite understand __ England of to-day? (Galsworthy)

Exercise 13. Translate into English.

I. Кордильеры находятся в Северной Америке. 2. Берега Рейна очень живописны. 3. Эльбрус — очень красивая гора. 4. «Пиковая дама» была написана Чайковским во Флоренции в 1890 г. 5. Средиземное море находится между Европой, Азией и Африкой. 6. Венеция расположена на берегу Адриатического моря. 7. Ливингстон погиб в Центральной Африке.

Exercise 14, Insert articles where necessary. (Articles with names of hotels, streets, ships, and newspapers.)

1. She nodded __ command to __ footman, and they drove off westward, down __ Strand, and so into __ little side street by __ Charing Cross. (Bennett) 2. I am going to Folkestone to-day, and shall stay at __ Metropole. (Bennett) 3. They were excited because they had been dining with __ editor of __ Times, and had been given __ glimpse of next day's paper. (Snow) 4. She sat in her superb private drawing room at __ Hotel Cecil. 5. __ boys loved him because he told them that __ Navy had borrowed him from __ U. S. Army just in time to blow taps on __ Maine as she was sinking, and he remained long after everyone including — captain had abandoned __ ship. (Wilson) 6. He began to walk very rapidly up towards __ Trafalgar Square. (Greene) 7. He went out and ate __ ices at __ pastry-cook's shop in __ Charing Cross; tried __ new coat in __ Pall Mall; and called for __ Captain Cannon, played eleven games at __ billiards with __ captain, and returned to __ Russell Square. (Thackeray) 8. __ street was empty, unlighted save by __ reflection from __ Grandlieu Street behind them... (Faulkner) 9. In 1905 __ revolt broke out on __ Potem- kin, one of __ battleships of __ Black Sea Fleet. 10. Yet, in — bright drawing room in __ Lord North Street, all he was thinking of... was what __ Telegraph, __ Guardian, the popular press, would say next day. (Snow)

Exercise 15. Insert articles where necessary. (Articles with nouns modified by proper nouns.)

1. I often go to __ Pushkin Theatre. 2. I am very fond of — Pushkin's short tragedies. 3. __ Tretyakov gallery was founded nearly __ century ago by Pavel Tretyakov. __ Tretyakov's devotion to __ art and his indefatigable efforts had __ magnificent results and furthered __ development of __ Russian painting. 4. I am __ medical student and have held __ post of house surgeon at one of __ London hospitals for some time. (Marryat) 5. __ Fox apartment had __ spacious old-fashioned feeling. 6. Towards __ end of __ year 1913 several young students living in Moscow founded __ small group known as __ Students' Drama Studio. It was from that group that __ Vakhtangov Theatre sprang. Vakhtangov was __ tireless innovator. Some of Vakhtan- gov's pupils became __ capable producers. 7. __ sets of furniture were imitations of one of __ Louis periods. (Dreiser) 8. __ Pulkovo Observatory is over __ hundred years old. 9. __ chin of __ founder of __ Forsyte clan was settled comfortably between __ widely separated points of. __ old-fashioned collar. (Galsworthy) 10. He had known all __ pretty Montjoy sisters scattered over — Society, but of them all Diana was __ youngest, __ prettiest, most tasteful and wittiest... (Galsworthy)
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Part I. Accidence the noun iconThe noun exercise State the morphological composition of the following nouns

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Part I. Accidence the noun iconPart One

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Part I. Accidence the noun iconPart 1 Courts and Administration of Justice

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