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Н.И. Леонова, Г.И. Никитина
Английская литература

Учебное пособие по английскому языку
Второе издание
Рекомендовано Учебно-методическим

объединением высших учебных заведений

по педагогическому образованию


Издательство «Флинта»

Издательство «Наука»


ББК 81.2 Англ. УДК 802.0

Л 47

Составители: Леонова Наталья Игоревна,
Никитина Галина Ивановна

Рецензент: кафедра английского языка Московского

института повышения квалификации работников образования

(зав. каф. проф. К. С. Махмурян)
Леонова Н. И., Никитина Г. И.
Л 47 Английская литература 1890-1960: Учебное пособие по английскому языку. -2-е изд. -М.: Флинта, Наука, 2000. - 144 с.
ISBN 5-7695-0062-х (Флинта)

ISBN 5-02-022505-3 (Наука)
В пособие включены литературоведческие тексты об английской литературе и фабульные отрывки из произведений известных авторов. Цель данной книги – развить навыки реферирования, чтения специальных оригинальных текстов и активизировать устную речь.

Для студентов и магистров гуманитарных и др. специальностей, а также для лиц, самостоятельно изучающих английский язык и английскую литературу.
ББК 81.2 Англ.

ISBN 5-7695-0062-х (Флинта)

^ ISBN 5-02-022505-3 (Наука) © Издательство "Флинта", 1998


Книга ставит целью развить навыки реферирования, чтения специальных оригинальных текстов и развития устной речи по предложенной тематике. Тематика пособия имеет литературоведческую направленность. В пособие включены тексты об английской литературе из книг и статей известных ученых: А. Ворда, Дж. Ривса, И. Моргана, С. Купера и др. Помимо литературоведческих текстов в пособии приводятся фабульные отрывки из книг, знакомящие учащихся со стилем того или иного автора. При этом язык оригинала сохраняется. Тексты на русском языке предназначены для активизации лексики и суммарного пересказа.

Пособие не содержит грамматических объяснений и предназначено для лиц, ранее изучавших английский язык: студентов и магистров гуманитарных специальностей. Оно может быть также использовано при изучении английского языка студентами других специальностей, так как дисциплина «иностранный язык» входит в федеральный компонент образовательно-профессиональных программ.

Компактность и умеренная сложность языкового материала пособия делают его доступным и универсальным в использовании для различных типов учебных заведений. Пособие может быть рекомендовано в качестве самостоятельного учебного материала и дополнения к любому традиционному учебнику английского языка. Курс позволяет изучать английский язык и английскую литературу одновременно.

Учебное пособие подготовлено на кафедре английского языка гуманитарных факультетов Московского педагогического государственного университета имени В.И. Ленина.




Unit I

I. Read the text and do the assignments following it.

British Novelists, 1890-1929 Traditionalists

The forty years between 1890–1929 were the most fertile and diverse period of the British novel. During these years marked by the Great War and changes in the social, political, and economic structures of Britain, the novel became a much broader reflector of the aims, confusions, concerns, ideas, and attitudes of all classes of the British people, effectively mirroring forces of change in the culture. It was at that time that the novel in Britain established itself as the dominant literary genre. More than any other literary form, it most completely absorbed and pointed to the fundamental changes in consciousness that were taking place.

There were two strong but not mutually exclusive impulses among novelists – first, to write largely out of the tradition that immediately preceded them at the same time that they confronted the changing shape of the world; and second, to attempt to break sharply from the traditions and values that they inherited and reflected in form, technique, and subject matter an altered vision of the world and the self. Such divisions are, however, obvious only on the surface. For example, the works of Joseph Conrad contrasted with those of James Joyce demonstrate division, but there are important similarities in their fiction as well. Among minor writers these distinctions blur.

Conrad, the most imposing figure of that period, retained frame of the traditional realist novel, but his work reflects his preoccupation with the moral self. ^ The shift from individual to social principles in the moral world lies at the centre of his work, hence the sea, the jungle, the remote in general provide the contexts in which he studies his characters.

Closer to the tradition of the nineteenth century realist novel in Britain were Arnold Bennett and John Galsworthy, whose novels reveal the changing social conditions in England. Both looked with irony at the unquestioned goals of progress, the iniquities and even injustices in society, but their work seldom transcends the period because of their failures to impose social consciousness needed to provide moral force.

Ford Madox Ford and E.M. Forster have achieved greater status than Bennett and Galsworthy, because rather than embodying a distant or lofty moral objectivity, they brought to their novels a controlled subjectivity which gave them immediacy as well as a moral perspective.
(From "Foreword to Dictionary of Literary Biography " by Thomas F. Staley)
II. Translate the following words and word combinations into Russian and use them in sentences of your own:
the most fertile and diverse period, to become a reflector of, to mirror, the dominant literary genre, to point to, to confront the changing shape of the world, to break from traditions, the subject matter, to contrast with, similarities, distinctions, to retain, a shift from...to, to achieve status, subjectivity.
III. Answer the following questions:
1. What was the most fertile and diverse period of the British novel?

2. What did the novel reflect?

3. When did the novel establish itself as the dominant literary genre?

4. How did the writers of that period react to the altered vision of the world?

5. Why is J. Conrad considered to be the most imposing figure?

6. What authors achieved great status during that period?

7. Have you read "The Forsyte Saga" by John Galsworthy? What is the idea of the novel?
IV. Translate the following text into Russian using a dictionary. Speak on Galsworthy's realism.
Galsworthy's realism does not only lie in his capacity for making his hero part and parcel of his surroundings and convincing the reader of his typicality: he is a fine artist in reproducing the individual workings of his characters' minds. Soames, the man of property, is also a man of deep and lasting feelings. Such is his devotion to his daughter Fleur who was "always at the back of his thoughts" and "started out like a filigree figure from a clock when the hour strikes." Incidentally, this dainty simile, so utterly unlike the matter-of-factness that characterizes the usual reproduction of Soames's prosaic mind, is expressive of the poetic colouring that Galsworthy introduces to render the strength of the affection Soames has for Fleur.

As a general rule, the novelist, though following in the tracks of classical realists, breaks away from the literary polish, the fine descriptive style that was kept up to the very end of the 19th century. At the same time as Shaw, Wells and Bennett, Galsworthy starts a new tradition of bringing the language of .literature (in the author's speech, no less than in that of the personages) close to the language of real life. He does away with the elaborate syntax of 19th century prose and cultivates somewhat abrupt sentences, true to the rhythm and the intonation of the spoken language and full of low colloquialisms and even slang.
V. Read the text about life and work of J. Conrad and make up a summary.
Joseph Conrad (1857–1924) is now widely accepted as one of the modernist masters of serious narrative fiction. Historically placed, he is a major figure in the transition from Victorian fiction to the more perplexed forms and values of the twentieth century literature. Now, unlike in his lifetime, he is one of the most read British novelists of his period. However, his twenty volumes of novels and stories vary greatly in quality and interest. Since he was primarily a commercial storyteller aiming at the popular market, only a limited part of his work will bear much serious response and intellectual consideration. The works such as "Heart of Darkness," "Nostromo," "The Secret Sharer" and "The Secret Agent" are generally acknowledged to be outstanding.

He started by writing exotic romances, a highly commercial popular form of late nineteenth century literature – many of his sources appear to be French. His three linked novels placed in Malay – "Almayer's Folly" (1895), "An Outcast of the Islands" (1896), and "The Rescue" (1920) - fancifully expand upon some episodes and characters drawn from his maritime experiences.

Conrad's later writing became more disciplined and polished in manner, it had a tone of ominousness, mysteriousness and ironic reflectiveness which distinguishes some of Conrad's fiction from simpler commercial exoticism.

Clearly the best of the early stories is the satiric "An Outpost of Progress" (1897). Here Conrad makes his first fictional use of the brief period he spent in the Belgian Congo nearly a decade earlier. Perhaps because of his great anger at what he saw there, this story shows little moral ambivalence.

Committed to prolific writing, Conrad was extending the range of his subject matter. His third published novel "The Nigger of the 'Narcissus'" launched his reputation as a noted writer about the sea. While it is better written, more stylistically disciplined than the Malayan novels, it is hardly the "masterpiece" that some later critics have called it.

In the period of his best writing, from "Heart of Darkness" through "The Secret Agent," he achieved a distinctive moral resonance and rhetorical intensity. He achieved some victories over Victorian pathology.
(From "Dictionary of Literary Biography " by Kingsley Widmer)
VI. Render the text in English using the following key words and word combinations:
to reveal, to depict, to expose, a theorist, an observer, bourgeoise, landlord, to warn, to become obvious, property, to be difficult to separate from, to consolidate one's rights, to be a security, continuity of the family, morality, a prejudice, hypocrisy, ambiguous.

В этом мире, все реальности которого уже раскрыты, объяснены, описаны, подвергнуты критике и разоблачены в произведениях литературы, мистер Голсуорси избирает темой своей книги Семью – институт, существующий, по моему мнению, так же давно, как самая старая, хотя не самая почтенная сказка. Но мистер Голсуорси не теоретик, а наблюдатель, и в поле его зрения попала семья определенного типа. Это семья буржуазная, вернее, ей место в рядах крупной буржуазии, о чем нас предупреждает подзаголовок романа, и подобные семьи можно видеть всюду и везде, если не сегодня, то еще вчера <...>.

<...> Прочность основы, на которой мистер Голсуорси строит свой превосходный роман, сразу становится очевидной. Ибо началась ли организация общества с семьи, или с собственности, или с того и другого одновременно, так как вначале их, в сущности, трудно было отделить друг от друга, – совершенно ясно, что именно в тесном объединении этих двух институтов нашло общество путь к развитию, и именно в нем обрело оно надежду на спасение. Чувство собственности помогает Форсайтам упрочить их права и является залогом продолжения их рода. Это инстинкт, примитивный инстинкт. Практицизм Форсайтов возвел его в принцип; их идеализм превратил его в своего рода религию, под влиянием которой сформировались их понятия о счастье и благопристойности, их предрассудки и ханжество, скудные их мысли и даже самый строй их чувств. Жизнь в целом стала доступной их пониманию только в тех случаях, если ее можно было выразить на языке собственности. Удержать – приобрести, приобрести – удержать. Законы, мораль, искусство и наука, по их представлениям, не лишенным основания, посвящены достижению этой двойственной и, в то же время, единой цели. Таков их символ веры. <...>
(Дж. Конрад. «Джон Голсуорси»)

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Автор: Лебедева Е. А., доцент кафедры языкознания и иностранных языков Ростовского
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