National Economy of Ukraine

НазваниеNational Economy of Ukraine
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National Economy of Ukraine
A highly developed industry is the foundation of the might of any country. Ukraine was a highly developed country. But since its independence Ukraine has confronted economic problems. National economy of Ukraine is considered to be in transition now in its way to a market-based one. The situation today is better in one very important respect then it was in the preceding years: inflation, which was running at 33 per cent annually up to 1993 has been reduced since then. Ukraine possesses considerable potential in such sectors of economy as machine engineering, aerospace, telecommunication, textile, clothing, footwear, and agriculture ( due to unique black soil). Furthermore, Ukraine has a powerful defense industry, significant scientific potential and has shown considerable achievement in the field of designing brand new technologies that meet international standard requirements.

At present thanks to new economic and political conditions our industry trends to grow and develop from year to year. Machine engineering and military industrial complexes have started to produce about 200 types of new products which had not been manufactured in Ukraine before. Among them are food processing machinery, medical equipment, transportation vehicles, construction materials and equipment, small farming machines and home appliances.

Ukraine’s major industrial area is in the south-east, namely the Donbas and the Prydniprovye region. Concentrated here are coal mines, iron and manganese ore deposits, ferrous iron metallurgical plants relating to the chemical, petrochemical and machine building plants and power stations.

Ukraine is rich in mineral resources. It completely satisfies her needs in iron, manganese ores and titanium as well as in rock salt, cement gypsum, mineral paints, graphite, mercury and uranium. The top soils are mainly black, they are the biggest treasure of the Ukrainian land and allow for considerable progress in agricultural production after the village is reoriented towards market economy. Because of her potential Ukraine is an agricultural and industrial country.


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