Educational System in the uk

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Educational System in the UK
In the United Kingdom children must go to school from 5 till 16 years old. The system of school education includes 1) preschool education, 2) primary education and 3) secondary education.

At preschool education, or nursery school (from 3 till 4 years old) children study little and play a lot.

Primary school takes children from 5 till 11 and has two stages: Infant (5–7) School and Junior school (8–11).

Infant School teaches children 3 R’s: reading, writing and arithmetic.

Junior school teachers kids a lot of subjects: English, Mathematics, Literature, History, Science, Physical training and others.

Secondary education begins at 11. There are three main kinds of secondary schools: Comprehensive schools which make up 80% of all secondary schools, Grammar School which provide1 students with a very good education and accept pupils on the basis of exams, and Modern Schools which teach some children of working class families cooking, sewing, metalwork, woodwork and so on.

Comprehensive Schools are free schools where boys and girls of all abilities study together up to (вплоть до) the age of 16. At the age of 16 years teenagers take exams for the General Certificate of Secondary Education. Those who want to go to University stay at school for two more years to pass A-level exams (Advanced-level exams).

Finally, there is one more type of schools – public schools which are fee-charging and very expensive. They accept pupils at about 12 or 13 years old. Their standards for entries are very high. The most famous public school in the UK is Eton.


^ Higher education

There are about 50 universities in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The most famous of them are: Cambridge, Oxford, Edinburgh, London and many others.

The university education has 3 stages. At the end of the first stage, graduates receive Bachelor’s Degree. If people continue their education, at the end of the second stage they receive Master’s Degree. Further (дальнейший) study and research is needed to receive Doctor’s Degree (Ph. D).

Admission procedure

People are taken to British Universities on the basis of their A-level examination results at school. People who want to go to university apply for admission before they have their examinations for the General Certificate of Secondary Education. They have to fill a special form which is sent out by UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admission Service). On this form they have to write the names of 6 universities in order of preference.

1 provide with – обеспечивать


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