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The Belarusian State University is the oldest institution of higher education in our country. It was founded on October 30, 1921. It was the first institution of higher education in Belarus. Most of the population of the country (about 80%) were illiterate then.

Now there are more than 60 of them in the Republic and in Minsk alone there are over 30 state and non-state higher schools.

Our University is one of the largest among the institutions of higher education. There about 18,000 students at the University. At present the University has the following departments: Physics, Radio-Physics, Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Chemistry, Geography, Biology, Philology, Journalism, History, Philosophy, Law and International Relations, etc. The University also provides the opportunity to attend the post-graduate and masters' courses in many subjects.

There is an Evening Department as well as an Extra-mural Department where young people who work can get a higher education. The University has a Preparatory Department where students from different countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America study and learn Russian. Russian is the language of instruction and after the Preparatory Department those students can study at any Department they like together with other students.

Tuition at the University is mostly free of charge and the students receive grants and stipends. Some time ago the form of instruction that is charged for has been introduced at the University. The students study according to the same plans but pay for tuition themselves.

The University is staffed by highly qualified teachers, many with a long list of scientific works. Among them there are academicians, professors, Doctors of science and holders of other scientific degrees and titles. They teach students, deliver lectures, conduct seminars, supervise the laboratory work and practical training of students and post-graduates. They also carry out research and publish their articles in national and international journals and magazines. Some of them have authored a number of books and papers which made their names well-known in their branch of science.

The students of the University have all conditions for studies. The University has a good fundamental library with many branches at different departments containing thousands of volumes on a wide range of subjects from fiction to current periodicals.

The University provides the students and the teaching staff with the facilities for research work. The laboratories are equipped with different devices and apparatus which help them to carry out research. Some of the equipment is up-to-date, other is being gradually modernized and replaced. The students have their own Student Science Society and carry out research in different laboratories themselves.

The University has many modern and old buildings. Several departments are housed in their own buildings (Chemistry, Physics, Geography, etc.) which are situated in the University campus. Some of them are scattered around the city like Philology or History Departments or situated @ty the outskirts of Minsk. The students who come from different parts of the country can live at the Halls of Residence most of which are situated not far from the University campus.

The students of the University can go in for various kinds of sports in their spare time or develop their talents and abilities in different amateur groups and ensembles. The students' amateur drama theatre and the orchestra of folk instruments are especially known and popular with the students.



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