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English, No. 6, p. 53-54

Read the text and do the following tasks.

Do you ever speak with your mouth full of food? Do you forget to cover your mouth when you sneeze? May be you talk while the others are watching a performance? If you are guilty of these “crimes” then perhaps you should enroll on an “Etiquette and Social skills course”. This is not just an ordinary course. It is a course in manners.

You will have lessons in good manners and how to behave in social situations. The person who teaches these lessons is Maggie O’Farrell at the Petite Protocol School, and her students are aged between six and twelve years old. She thinks this is the best time to teach the kids. “At this age they are very easy,” Maggie says. When they get older, it’s harder for them to break their bad habits. Children at this age want to be polite. You can see that they are trying.

Maggie is young she is in her 30s. She is good looking and very sociable. Every time she passes by the kids and teenagers who are ill-mannered, she becomes greatly upset. Two years ago a brilliant idea suggested itself to her and she made a decision to help the children to learn good manners. She decided to found for children a “CLUB OF GOOD MANNERS”. The motto of the Club was chosen as well: “Change yourself for the better.”

Maggie can listen to people and is a good story teller herself. Maggie instructs the children to speak properly on the phone and walk correctly, as well as telling them about basic table manners. There are twelve kids (four boys and eight girls) in her group, some of them six or seven, while others are nine or ten. The lessons are usually three times a week in a relaxed atmosphere.

The children’s manners and behavior change for the better week by week. These classes have become popular because parents want well-behaved children but they are too busy to teach manners at home. But some parents don’t want their children to attend this school. They are sure that only in the family can a child be taught what is right and what is wrong. Of course, it’s up to them to decide what to choose, but Maggie hopes that someday they’ll understand what is what.

So, what do the children actually think of this course? The classes have proved to be popular with most of the children, and their teachers at school have noticed that the youngsters are treating each other with more respect. They also feel the skills they have learnt will be useful to them in the future.

• Danny, aged nine, commented, “If I get invited to the White House, I know that I won’t spill anything on the president.”

• Maria, a girl of eight added: “Now that I know all the table manners, I can use different spoons, forks and knives and I’ll feel comfortable at dinner table with the English Queen.”

Maggie O’Farrell believes that such skills can be life changing. “We‘ll have children growing up who value manners. Maybe we’ll see a change in the direction of a better society. That, however, remains to be seen. Only time will tell.”

to be guilty быть виновным

a crime преступление

to be enrolled on записаться на курсы

to break bad habits избавляться от старых привычек

to be ill-mannered быть плохо воспитанными

to be sociable быть общительным

a brilliant idea suggested itself to her блестящая идея пришла к ней в голову.

a motto девиз

to attend посещать

to spill пролить

Task I

Label the statements as (T)True, (F)False, or (NS)Not Stated.

1. Maggie is young. She is in her thirties.

2. Four years ago, a brilliant idea came to Maggie and she made a decision to help children to learn good manners.

3. More than 50 children attend Maggie’s club.

4. Maggie’s own children are well-behaved.

5. Maggie’s club is popular among all the parents.

6. Maggie instructs the children to speak properly on the phone and behave themselves at the theatre and cinema.
Task II

Choose the right item.

1. Maggie is good looking and very __________.

a) Pleasant

b) Sociable

c) Honest
2. The motto chosen for the club was _____________________.

a) “Change yourself for the better”

b) “Change yourself and become better”

c) “Change the world and everything around you will become better”
3. Maggie’s students are aged between ______________ years old.

a) Five and eleven

b) Eight and thirteen

c) Six and twelve
4. __________ can enroll in an “Etiquette and Social skills course”.

a) Children with good habits

b) Children with bad habits

c) All the children
5. The children’s manners and behavior improve ______________.

a) Day by day

b) Week by week

c) Month by month
6. It was _________________ to found the “CLUB OF GOOD MANNERS.”

a) Maggie’s husband’s idea

b) Maggie’s son’s idea

c) Maggie’s own idea
Task III

Answer the questions:

1. When did Maggie decide to found the club?

2. What children are taught in the club?

3. What upsets Maggie on the street?

4. Why don’t some parents want their children to attend this school?

5. What good manners did Maria get attending the meetings in the club?

6. If you have a chance will you enroll on an “Etiquette and Social skills course”?


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