Test. The Present Perfect

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Test. The Present Perfect

  1. Write the third form of the verbs.

want carry

do go

answer stay

live give

stop skip

  1. Fill in have or has.

1) I…read this book.

2) The women…finished their work.

3) She…already laid the table.

4) The men…just come to school.

5) …the child had dinner?

6) We…slept well.

7) …you already written the test.?

8) The lesson…just begun.

9) He…been to Cheboksary.

10)…they hung up the coats?

  1. Choose the sentences in the Present Perfect.

1) My sister has just come home.

2) Usually we have dinner at three o’clock.

3) I have dried myself.

4) They have had bread and butter for lunch.

5) She has meat and vegetables in the morning.

  1. Choose the correct translation.

  1. The father has brought us a hairbrush.

  1. Отец принес нам расческу

  2. Отец принесет нам расческу.

  1. Have you already finished your work?

  1. Ты уже заканчиваешь работу?

  2. Ты уже закончила работу?

  1. Put the verbs in brackets in the Present Perfect.

  1. The children (open) their eyes.

  2. The pupil (get) some chalk.

  3. You (copy) the words, haven’t they?

  4. Oleg (go) to school.

  5. She (prepare) breakfast herself.


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