Why is tourism labor-intensive?

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НазваниеWhy is tourism labor-intensive?
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  1. Why is tourism labor-intensive?

  2. What is a common feature of all jobs in tourism?

  3. Why are language skills necessary in many jobs in tourism?

  4. What is the range of language skills required in various jobs in tourism?

  5. How can people working in tourism acquire the necessary experience?

  6. What are the most important aspects of different jobs?

  7. Where does the tour operator work?

  8. What does he do?

  9. What do tour packages include?

  10. What kind of companies does the tour operator work with?

  11. How does the tour operator market the tours?

  12. How does the tour operator sell tours? What does «a whole­saler» mean?

  13. Where does the travel agent work?

  14. What does the travel agent do?

  15. What kind of goods does the travel agent sell?

  16. How does the travel agent sell tour packages? What does «a retailer» mean?

  17. How high is the travel agent's commission?

  18. What kind of separate services does the travel agent sell?

  19. Where does the tourism manager work?

  20. What does he supervise?

  21. In what case does the tourism manager report to the general manager?

  22. What does the tourism manager plan and control?

  23. What does the tourism manager decide on in a travel company?

  24. How does the tourism manager hire employees?

  25. What does the tour guide do?

  26. How does the tour guide handle tour groups?

  27. What does the tour guide cater to?

  28. How well does the tour guide know a foreign language?

  29. What other subjects does the tour guide know and why?

  30. What kind of person is the tour guide?

  31. Where does the animator work?

  32. What does the animator do?

  33. Why is the chief animator called the social director?

  34. Why does the animator speak a few foreign languages?

  35. What does the animator do like an actor?

  36. What kind of person is the animator?

  37. How is leisure tourism called?

  38. What type of travel is leisure tourism?

  39. What do leisure travelers look for?

  40. Where do leisure travelers go on holiday?

  41. What do leisure travelers enjoy?

  42. What does a resort hotel offer?

  43. What are other ways to travel for pleasure?

  44. Why will more and more people travel for pleasure in future?

  45. What type of holiday is sports tourism?

  46. What is the purpose of a sporting tour?

  47. What do travelers enjoy during a sporting tour?

  48. What kind of sporting tours do tourist companies offer?

  49. How will instructors prepare travelers for sporting tours?

  50. What will instructors plan before the tour?

  51. Who carries the tourists' luggage during a sporting tour? What does it depend on?

  52. What types of tourism are there within sports tourism?

  53. What kind of travel is business tourism?

  54. What kind of tourists are business travelers?

  55. What do business tourists travel for?

  56. What does convention tourism involve?

  57. What business services do tourist companies provide?

  58. Where are business facilities?

  59. What kind of other business services will tourist companies provide in future?

  60. What sort of tours will tourist companies offer to business travelers?

  61. What is manager's role in an organization?

  62. What concrete activities is a production manager (financial manager, personnel manager, marketing manager) responsible for?

  63. What is the difference between sales manage­ment and marketing management?

  64. What does it mean to delegate authority?

  65. What does managerial efficiency depend on?

  66. Can you say how a manager’s approach to his work influences its results?

  67. Does the amount of a manager’s responsibility depend on his position in the company’s hierarchy?

  68. Who takes decisions in the company: employees or mangers?

  69. How does the act of delegating authority to employees influence their initiative?

  70. How does freedom of action effect employees’ creativity?

  71. What are the duties of a service manager at a car dealership?

  72. What are the differences between warehouse operations manager, sales manager and hotel manager?

  73. Does a store manager have any concern with costs and revenue and preparation of sales reports?

  74. What is the main duty of the all professionals working in various manager jobs?

  75. What do you understand under a unique set of skill sets for career in management? What are these skills?


Why is tourism labor-intensive? iconThe effects of the economic crisis benefit domestic tourism

Why is tourism labor-intensive? iconThe Russian enterprise invites to the collaboration and grants services...

Why is tourism labor-intensive? iconEco tourism community alternative 1 (tinku 07)
Этот проект будет сочетать различные визиты в традиционные коммуны недалеко от города Кочабамба, где волонтеры будут помогать организаторам...
Why is tourism labor-intensive? icon1. Describe the system of transport for tourism
Транспорт для туристов может быть разделен на три главных категории: поездки воздушным путем, поездки на воде, и поездки на земле....
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